How To Organize A Trip To The Mountains

Hiking with a backpack and spending the night in a tent is always a lot of bright and positive emotions. The holiday spent in such a way cannot be compared with idle lying on the beach and unhurried excursions accompanied by a guide. And if you go on such a trip to the mountains, then in this case the rest will be truly unforgettable for each family member.

This type of holiday has a certain specificity, which is why preparation for it should be carefully planned and organized as much as possible. To get started is to determine the direction and purchase the appropriate voucher. It should be noted that it is necessary to book a hiking tour only in those companies that have the appropriate documents for organizing this type of recreation: the license of the tour operator is a guarantee of the quality of the proposed voucher. In addition, the staff of the travel company will help you choose the best route for the level of complexity and duration. This is especially true for those who first decided to go hiking in the mountains.

The next thing you need to decide before starting a trip is what to wear and take with you from your clothes. Even if the trip falls in the middle of summer, the tourist will need warm things. The weather in the mountains is very deceptive. Even at low altitudes, the air temperature is significantly lower than at the foot. Moreover, in a mountainous area, during one day, the weather changes several times, and radically. Therefore, a wool sweater and warm sports pants to take a necessary. Shoes must be waterproof. Socks and t-shirt – preferably from natural materials. They perfectly absorb moisture and provide natural air ventilation. The clothes should not hold down movements and hinder when walking.

A sleeping bag is another major attribute of hiking in the mountains. Its outer skin must not pass water and be durable. It is necessary to give preference to sleeping bags with artificial insulation. No matter how much one would like to take a hike in a bag, inside of which there is a natural bird fluff, it is better to abandon a similar venture. In the mornings in the mountains, the air has a high percentage of humidity, and the feather itself is very hygroscopic and quickly absorbs moisture. As a result, the bag will be raw, and therefore not suitable for bed. Sleeping bags with natural filler are more suitable for flat trips.

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