Principles of organizing an events on your own

It usually takes 10–14 days to prepare a corporate event (at least three weeks are necessary for the New Year). Do not forget, the more orders, the harder it is to find a banquet hall, invite artists and a toastmaster, purchase the necessary accessories. In addition, the less time left before the planned event, the higher the prices rise. To organize an event, you must follow some rules. Divide the whole organization into two stages – preparation and holding.

If the main purpose of the event is just a banquet (or picnic), you should turn to a stationary or on-site restaurant or, after reading further recommendations on organizing a banquet, take advantage of it. If the main purpose of the event is to form the corporate culture of the organization, then it will be necessary to take care of the scenario, the leader, and the banquet, and many other things. In other words, to become a psychologist, teacher, director and talented organizer to get the most out of financial investments in holding the event. Tune in to the fact that for you it will not be a pleasure, but hard work. However, this work will help you gain the necessary experience and become an indispensable employee for organizing and conducting corporate events.

Determining the budget required for organizing an event.

In drawing up the budget you need:

• make a list of guests;

• determine the location of the holiday;

• think over the banquet menu;

• plan the design of the premises and technical support;

• decide whether a presenter, transportation, photo and video are necessary;

• take care of gifts and prizes;

• Decide whether you need to highlight your event in the media and on the Internet.

It depends on the budget. But it is equally important to consider the nature of the upcoming event, the number of guests and their addictions, as well as the presence of outside guests, family members of employees. It is important whether there will be children at the festival. You can choose – from the premises of your company (office, enterprise, etc.) to banquet halls of restaurants of all levels, various clubs, country boarding houses and recreation centers, motor ships, etc.

The scenario becomes in the form of the scheme. This scheme should list all components of the event, and all those responsible for its individual parts. Also should indicate the time of each participant. The issue of contracts for some of the parts of the event, which are closed by acts on the implementation of works at the end of the holiday, is being resolved.

People remember the beginning and the end of the celebration most of all. In this regard, at the end of the event it is necessary to plan the culmination of the festive program. This could be a festive salute or the ejection of balloons with the prediction of fate or something that no one expects.

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