The best gift ideas for people who are engaged in construction

A builder, an architect, an engineer is always a creator who is trying to make the world a better place. Something to change, improve, create new from well forgotten old. And it is not so important – he will lay the foundation of a new house with his own hands or stand at the head of a construction corporation, because being a builder is a vocation. Therefore, if you decide to make a gift to the builder, take a look at our selection, and then your gift will become a solid brick in your relationship. Gifts will be suitable both for the holiday of the Builder’s Day and for annual occasions.

Laser rangefinder

Bosch has established a new bar in the standards for the manufacture of measuring devices, creating a laser tape measure GLM 100 C. It is a universal device for the builder, which not only measures linear distances, angles, dimensions of distant objects, but also calculates the area and volume.

Construction courses

The construction industry is one of the most flexible and dynamically developing industries on the market. To keep abreast of all the innovations in production, he needs to be able to make non-standard decisions, to ensure the safety of housing – to solve all these difficult tasks, the builder must constantly improve his skills.


The flip-flops Air-Flip are ideal for office or home interior. This is a practical and useful decoration for the desktop of your male builder and at the same time an ultra-precise chronometer that will not allow him to be late for a business meeting or to miss the time of an important call.


The first thing that comes to mind for most people with the word “builder” is a helmet. And for good reason. After all, this is a traditional attribute of the builder. We offer you a Stihl helmet, because it is able to maintain an optimal balance.

Lamp in the form of a crane

The original solution for office decoration will be a lamp made in the form of a crane lifting the concrete block. The lamp is entirely made of metal, the ceiling is made of glass.

Road chess in construction topics

Present the builder as a presentation of chess in the form of power lines, cooling towers, wind and solar power plants, which can be played not on the traditional white or black side, but on the veneer or plywood side.

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