Universal gifts to colleagues for any holiday

During the holidays, attention is necessary for everyone, especially when it comes to the people with whom you spend your working days.

Choosing an inexpensive and original gift to colleagues is not an easy task. Often, the surprises from  are banal alcohol games and other beer “accessories”. Such a gift would be inappropriate, because at work it is customary to keep yourself within the bounds of decency. Want to donate office stationery? Good, but not at all original.


Why run somewhere for coffee when it’s next to you? For an office worker, this is a very relevant thing. Now on the shelves of shops you can see dozens of different models. However, an elegant thermocup with a coal-black surface is simply created for those who appreciate the classic style.

Portrait motivator on canvas

Colleagues are very valuable people, because each of them is a part of your big, common cause. Give them the opportunity to be the center of attention, turning their photos into paintings in the spirit of motivational posters! Or, for example, put them on the cover of a magazine – so that they see that there is always something to strive for!

Personal box with gifts

There are always a lot of colleagues, and you never know what they really want. But if you know at least a little about them, then for the box team this will be enough – they will collect gift boxes individually for everyone, so that all your colleagues will be surprised and satisfied!


The flip clock is an unusual thing in all respects. Once chronometers of this type were decorated with London railway stations and hotels, and now retro table clocks can decorate the shelf or desktop of your colleague.

Exotic fruit in hat boxes

Who among us has not dreamed of leaving to spend the winter in warm countries to celebrate New Year under a palm tree somewhere in the tropics? If the home office does not let your colleague go, you can bring his dream a little closer with a box of ripe tropical fruits. There he will find everything – from rambutan to mango!

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